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Ltj Xperience
Ain't Nothing But A Groove (2LP)
Ltj Xperience


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 Hot Groovy Highlights
Let's See What We Have Here
    Artist+   Title   Label   Format   REC/SLV   Price 
Ivan Boogaloo Joe Jones  Ivan Boogaloo Joe Jones
90's reissue of this classic jazz funk lp... 
 Snake Rhythm Rock   Bgp (germ)   LP  E/M-  €13,00
Jaime Delgado Aparicio Y Su Trio  Jaime Delgado Aparicio Y Su Trio
great jazz trio lp reissue... 
 Jazz   Sono Radio   LP  E/E  €20,00
James Brown  James Brown
classic funk !!!! original urban reissue from 1988 - write o... 
 She's the one / funky drummer   Urban (uk)   12"  M-/E  €13,00
Jean Jacques Perry  Jean Jacques Perry
12" inch reissue - side b 20th CENTURY STEEL BAND "heaven an... 
 Eva   Alpha Omega   12"  M-  €11,00
Johnny Wakelin / Kongas  Johnny Wakelin / Kongas
original versions on this now rare 12inch reissue from 90's... 
 In Zaire / Anikana-O   Dig It (ita)   12"  E/E  €15,00
Kashmere Stage Band  Kashmere Stage Band
reissue of this ultra rare funk album !! Cont."THANK YOU" "D... 
 Zero Point†   Kram†   LP  M-/M-  €20,00
Kinki (book)  Kinki (book)
96 pagine, 100 illustrazioni per raccontare la storia di un ... 
 Kinki. Una Notte Lunga 40 Anni   DamianiEditore   book  New  €25,00
Kool And The Gang  Kool And The Gang
cont."SOMBRERO SAM" 1973 - reissue -... 
 Kool Jazz   De-lite   LP  S/S  €15,00
Kraftwerk  Kraftwerk
reissue lp... 
 Radio-activity   Capitol   LP  S/S  €15,00
Lee Fields  Lee Fields
Great Funky Vocal !!!... 
 I'm the man   Soul Fire   7"  M-/E  €20,00
Lee Fields  Lee Fields
soul funk album from 2014 still in shrink !... 
 Emma Jean   Truth & Soul   LP  M-/M-  €25,00
Lee Fields  Lee Fields
super funk album from 1998 still in shrink !... 
 Let's Get A Groove On   Truth & Soul   LP  M-/M-  €45,00
Les Chakachas  Les Chakachas
double album reissue from 2023 of this killer latin funk jaz... 
 Discoteca Sudamericana   Easy Tempo (ita)   LP  S/S  €38,00
Lou Donaldson  Lou Donaldson
1997 reissue - UK... 
 Good Gracious   Blue Note   LP  M/M-  €12,00
Lou Donaldson  Lou Donaldson
Recorded live at The Cadillac Club, Newark, New Jersey on No... 
 The Scorpion (Live At The Cadillac Club)   Blue Note   LP  E/E  €25,00
Love Tambourine  Love Tambourine
nice original japann downtempo 2 x 12" from 1994... 
 Midnight Parade Remixes   Crue-L Records (jap)   12"  E/E  €18,00
Ltj  Xperience Feat. Black Sosa  Ltj Xperience Feat. Black Sosa
new Ltj Xperience 12" inch on Irma featuring on vocal Black ... 
 Running In A Circle / I Don't Want This Groove To Ever End   Irma (ita)   12"  M/M  €15,00
Ltj Xperience  Ltj Xperience
Limited RED VINYL double album repress of this classic from ... 
 I Don't Want This Groove To Ever End (2LP Red)   Irma (ita)   LP  S/S  €29,90
Ltj Xperience  Ltj Xperience
double Limited Vinyl compilation selected by Ltj Xperience f... 
 All These Dirty Grooves (2LP)   Irma (ita)   LP  S/S  €23,90
Ltj Xperience  Ltj Xperience
double Limited Vinyl compilation selected by Ltj Xperience f... 
 All These Dirty Grooves (CD)   Irma (ita)     S/S  €12,00
Ltj Xperience  Ltj Xperience
finally reissued this ltj double vinyl (black wax) >> get yo... 
 Deepening Of A Groove (2LP)   Irma (ita)   LP  M/M  €27,00
M. Zalla  M. Zalla
12" inch from 2017 with original version + Gerardo Frisina r... 
 Produzione   Schema (ita)   12"  M-/M-  €15,00
Maceo & The Tracks (12" Inch)  Maceo & The Tracks (12" Inch)
classic funk !! original reissue from 1987... 
 Cross The Tracks   Urban (uk)   12"  E/E  €13,00
Machito & His Orchestra  Machito & His Orchestra
Japanese reissue from 1993 - Great Latin Jazz Album !!!... 
 Soul Of Machito   Cotique   LP  M-/M-  €25,00
Madonna  Madonna
rare Uk Unofficial Release, Picture Disc from 2008 - traspar... 
 Like A Virgin   Sire   LP  E/E  €75,00
Marco Di Marco Feat. Nathan Haines  Marco Di Marco Feat. Nathan Haines
great remixes version from NICOLA CONTE (Campiís Idea Versio... 

  samples available
 Take Off / Solaria   Arision (uk)   12"  M/M  €10,00
Marco Di Marco Feat. Nathan Haines  Marco Di Marco Feat. Nathan Haines
Great new jazz album from one of the best Italian musicians ... 
 My London Friends   Arision (uk)   LP  M/M  €18,00
12inch reissue of this great old school rap produced by Pete... 

  samples available
 Death Rap   Heavenly Star   12"  S/S  €11,00
Mario Rusca Trio  Mario Rusca Trio
great new jazz double album from 2021... 
 Monochrome Blues   Mono Jazz (ita)   LP  M/M  €41,00
Martha High With Shaolin Temple Defenders  Martha High With Shaolin Temple Defenders
super funky 2009 album from this great James Brown's vocalis... 
 W.o.m.a.n.   Soul Beat (fre)   LP  M/M  €18,00
Meo  Meo
reissue of this classic italo afro 12" inch sealed!... 
 Cikuana / Alturas   Dualismo Sound (ita)   12"  S/S  €13,00
Mirageman  Mirageman
great library jazz funk double lp from 1997... 
 Thunder And Lightning   Irma (ita)   LP  M-/E-  €35,00
Mongo Santamaria  Mongo Santamaria
cont."WINDJAMMER" 1970 FUNKY!!!!... 
 Mongo '70   Atlantic   12"  S/S  €14,00
Mulato Of Ethiopia  Mulato Of Ethiopia
 Same   Worthy   LP  S/S  €15,00
Mutiny  Mutiny
reissue of this classic p-funk - still in shrink!... 
 Funk Plus The One   Columbia   LP  M-/M-  €13,00
Nathan Davis  Nathan Davis
great jazz funk tracks on this Luv N' haight 12" reissue fro... 
 Tragic Magic / Stick Buddy / New Orleans      12"  M-/E  €13,00
Nino Nardini Et Le Pop Riviera Group  Nino Nardini Et Le Pop Riviera Group
rare Unofficial Reissue lp of this rare funk afro soul relea... 
 No. 7 Pop, Soul Et Rock Psychadelique   Rotonde Musique (eur)   LP  M-/M-  €25,00
Ocho  Ocho
reissue of this rare latin lp - 1996... 
 Tornado   Universal Sound (uk)   LP  M-/E  €13,00
Ocho  Ocho
latin jazz lp from 1996... 
 The Best Of Ocho   Universal Sound (uk)   LP  E/E  €15,00
Patrick Gibin  Patrick Gibin
killer modern heavy boogie funk 7" from Patrick (Mother Tong... 

  samples available
 Real Talk / Joint   Sounds Familiar (ita)   7"  M/M  €14,00
Prince  Prince
rare Uk 12" inch Unofficial Release - the vinyl is really cl... 
 Let's Work / Soul Jamm Session   Not On Label (uk)   12"  E/E  €50,00
Randy's Allstars* / Tony Brevett  Randy's Allstars* / Tony Brevett
in demand reggae version 10" inch, Orange Labels from 90's... 
 Mission Impossible / Don't Get Weary   Impact! (uk)   10"  E/E  €35,00
Ray And His Court  Ray And His Court
reissue lp of this ultra rare latin funk lp !!!cont. The kil... 
 Same   Sound Triangle   LP  S/S  €15,00
Ray Barretto  Ray Barretto
reissue lp - still in shrink !!!... 
 Latino Con Soul   Cti   LP  M-/M-  €14,00
Roy Head  Roy Head
Clssic Funky Break !!! side b: BILLY SQUIRE "THE BIG BEAT" ... 
 She's about a mover   Alpha Omega   12"  M  €10,00
Sahib Shihab  Sahib Shihab
double album compilation from 1997... 
 And All Those Cats   Rearward (ita)   LP  E/E  €18,00
Silver Apples  Silver Apples
Reissue, Unofficial Release from end 90's... 
 Same   Kapp   LP  M-/E  €20,00
Sound Experience  Sound Experience
classic funk album from 1975 - reissue lp -... 
 Boogie Woogie   Buddah   LP  S/S  €15,00
Soundtrack  Soundtrack
Classic Quincy Jones's soundtrack - UK reissue... 
 In The Heat Of The Night   Ua   LP  M/M  €18,00
Soundtrack  Soundtrack
lp reissue of this very rare italian soundtrack from 1970 mu... 
 Dick Smart 2007   Cinedelic (ita)   LP  M-/M-  €30,00
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