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Kamal Abdul Alim
Kamal Abdul Alim


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 Hot Groovy Highlights
Let's See What We Have Here
    Artist   Title   Label   Format   REC/SLV   Price+ 
Bob Dusi  Bob Dusi
great version of Berimbau & "HOT VESUVIO" is a great and fre... 

  samples available
 Hot Vesuvio / Berimbau   Tam Tam Studio (ita)   7"  M/M  €8,00
Sticks Of Dynamite / Phophet Soul  Sticks Of Dynamite / Phophet Soul
FUNKY!!! - reissue -... 
 It's football baby / kick the habit    All Souls Impossible   7"  M/M  €8,00
The Sollicitors / The Phillips Bros  The Sollicitors / The Phillips Bros
FUNKY!!! - reissue -... 
 Get With It / Who Stole My Cookie?   We The People   7""  M/M   €8,00
The Soul Stoppers Band / U.f.o. (7"inch)  The Soul Stoppers Band / U.f.o. (7"inch)
FUNKY!!! - reissue -... 
 Boilin' water / got a nice   Royal   7"  M/M  €8,00
Detroit Sex Machine  Detroit Sex Machine
Killer vocal funky tracks !!!... 
 The Funky Crawl / Rap It Together   Soul Track   7"  M  €9,00
E.m.y.  E.m.y.
nice version of the Sun Ra's track !!!... 

  samples available
 Walkin On The Moon   Dejavu (ita)   12"  M/M  €9,00
Fabio Nobile  Fabio Nobile
great new remixes versions by SUNAGA T EXPERIENCE & YUKIHIRO... 

  samples available
 Zozoi - The Japanese Remix   Dejavu (ita)   12"  M/M  €9,00
Sugarman Three  Sugarman Three
Instrumental Jazz Funk Tracks !!!... 
 Cherry pickin' / turtle walk   Desco   7"  M  €9,00
The Soul Destroyers  The Soul Destroyers
super funky !!! - reissue -... 
 Bird Man   Stark Reality   7"  M-  €9,00
Fabio Nobile Feat. Lorraine Bowen  Fabio Nobile Feat. Lorraine Bowen
Beautiful new vocal bossa version !!! 2004... 
 Zozoi   Dejavu (ita)   12"  M/M  €9,50
Anne Wirz  Anne Wirz
spiritual jazz vocal !! Four Tet remix ! 2006... 

  samples available
 Guerriere   Heavenly Sweetness (fre)   12"  M/M  €10,00
Anthony Joseph & The Spasm Band  Anthony Joseph & The Spasm Band
great new african jazz funk and spoken words from this accla... 

  samples available
 Spirit Lash   Heavenly Sweetness (fre)   12"  M/M  €10,00
Bobby Blackbird And The Bluejays  Bobby Blackbird And The Bluejays
great australian only funk production from 2004 !!!! only 50... 

  samples available
 What You Wanna Do / The Blejays Theme   Cardboard (australia)   7"  M  €10,00
Marco Di Marco Feat. Nathan Haines  Marco Di Marco Feat. Nathan Haines
great remixes version from NICOLA CONTE (Campi’s Idea Versio... 

  samples available
 Take Off / Solaria   Arision (uk)   12"  M/M  €10,00
Roy Head  Roy Head
Clssic Funky Break !!! side b: BILLY SQUIRE "THE BIG BEAT" ... 
 She's about a mover   Alpha Omega   12"  M  €10,00
The Mighty Imperials  The Mighty Imperials
Funky !!!!! - reissue -... 
 Tootpick /kik The Blanket   Desco   7"  M-/E  €10,00
The Rongetz Foundation  The Rongetz Foundation
nice new spritual jazz funk tracks from this beautiful label... 

  samples available
 First Step   Heavenly Sweetness (fre)   12"  M/M  €10,00
The Tropical Combo  The Tropical Combo
Good 2000's groovy funk and latin club tracks !!!!... 

  samples available
 Transamazonica / Africa   Aldente (fre)   7"  M/M  €10,00
Emotions  Emotions
reissue of their 1978 album... 
 Sunbeam   Columbia   LP  M-/M-  €11,00
Family Four  Family Four
reisuue of this ultra rare old school funk rap 12" from P. B... 

  samples available
 Rap Attack   Tyson   12"  S/S  €11,00
Jean Jacques Perry  Jean Jacques Perry
12" inch reissue - side b 20th CENTURY STEEL BAND "heaven an... 
 Eva   Alpha Omega   12"  M-  €11,00
12inch reissue of this great old school rap produced by Pete... 

  samples available
 Death Rap   Heavenly Star   12"  S/S  €11,00
The Jazzy Three  The Jazzy Three
great and rare reissue of this rare 12" inch... 
 The Rappin Spree   New City   12"  S/S  €11,00
Amedeo Tommasi  Amedeo Tommasi
reissue of this great italian library... 
 The Sound   Arision (uk)   LP  M/M  €12,00
new deep house mix featuring Robert Owens, incl. LTJ Xperien... 
 Need You   Balearia (ita)   12"  M/M  €12,00
Emotions  Emotions
classic disco lp reissue - cont."BEST OF MY LOVE"... 
 Rejoice   Columbia   LP  S/S  €12,00
Eva Ryu  Eva Ryu
Electronic Acid, House 12" ich from this really underground ... 
 Iam Fuck Dog   Nbst (ita)   12"  M/M  €12,00
Lou Donaldson  Lou Donaldson
1997 reissue - UK... 
 Good Gracious   Blue Note   LP  M/M-  €12,00
Ltj Xperience  Ltj Xperience
double Limited Vinyl compilation selected by Ltj Xperience f... 
 All These Dirty Grooves (CD)   Irma (ita)     S/S  €12,00
Third Point  Third Point
Superfunky !!!!!... 
 Majestic Soul / Welfare Line   Soul Fire   7"  M  €12,00
Vasquez  Vasquez
new jazz groove album - limited edition... 
 Silent Traffic   Nbst (ita)   LP  M/M  €12,00
Amedeo Tommasi & Narassa  Amedeo Tommasi & Narassa
great reissue lp of this ultra rare sought after italian jaz... 
 Made In U.s.a.   Arision (uk)   LP  M/M  €13,00
Amedeo Tommasi & Narassa  Amedeo Tommasi & Narassa
great reissue lp of this ultra rare sought after italian jaz... 
 Camera - Car   Arision (uk)   LP  M/M  €13,00
Better Daze  Better Daze
acid jazz album from 1996 -still in shrink !... 
 One Street Over   Ubiquity   LP  E/M-  €13,00
limited hand-numbered 7"
Bread & Souls is an ensemble ... 
 Find The Beauty      7"  M/M  €13,00
Charles Kynard  Charles Kynard
90's reissue of this classic jazz funk lp... 
 Reelin' with the feelin'   Bgp (germ)   LP  M-/M-  €13,00
Ivan Boogaloo Joe Jones  Ivan Boogaloo Joe Jones
90's reissue of this classic jazz funk lp... 
 Snake Rhythm Rock   Bgp (germ)   LP  E/M-  €13,00
James Brown  James Brown
classic funk !!!! original urban reissue from 1988 - write o... 
 She's the one / funky drummer   Urban (uk)   12"  M-/E  €13,00
Maceo & The Tracks (12" Inch)  Maceo & The Tracks (12" Inch)
classic funk !! original reissue from 1987... 
 Cross The Tracks   Urban (uk)   12"  E/E  €13,00
Meo  Meo
reissue of this classic italo afro 12" inch sealed!... 
 Cikuana / Alturas   Dualismo Sound (ita)   12"  S/S  €13,00
Mutiny  Mutiny
reissue of this classic p-funk - still in shrink!... 
 Funk Plus The One   Columbia   LP  M-/M-  €13,00
Nathan Davis  Nathan Davis
great jazz funk tracks on this Luv N' haight 12" reissue fro... 
 Tragic Magic / Stick Buddy / New Orleans   LUV N' HAIGHT   12"  M-/E  €13,00
Ocho  Ocho
reissue of this rare latin lp - 1996... 
 Tornado   Universal Sound (uk)   LP  M-/E  €13,00
The Soul President (7" Inch)  The Soul President (7" Inch)
reissue 7" inch - Both tracks are Super Funky Vocal !!!... 
 Get It Right / Got To Have It   Big Mack   7"  M-/E  €13,00
Various  Various
Bootleg reissue of tracks originally released on Jazz Juice ... 
 Jazz Juice Vol. 7   Street Sound (uk)   LP  E/E  €13,00
Various  Various
Bootleg reissue of tracks originally released on Jazz Juice ... 
 Jazz Juice Vol. 10   Street Sound (uk)   LP  E/E  €13,00
Various Artists  Various Artists
jazz funk compilation lp from 2000
A1 –Ernie Hin... 
 Rhythms Of The Ancients   Rota   LP  M-/M-  €13,00
Various Artists  Various Artists
Acid Jazz, Jazzy Hip-Hop LP from 1993... 
 The Cook Monster   Yo Mama's (ger)   LP  M-/E  €13,00
Various Artists  Various Artists
cont. original versions : A1 -Jorge Ben African Brasil ... 
 Chega De Saudade (Saudade Do Brasil Vol. 2)   Saudade Do Brasil   LP  E-/E  €13,00
Various Artists  Various Artists
latin jazz compilation lp from 1995 - still in shrink!... 
 Latin Jazz Experience - Part 1   pHo   LP  M-/M-  €13,00
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