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 Hot Groovy Highlights
Let's See What We Have Here
    Artist+   Title   Label   Format   REC/SLV   Price 
100% Whole Wheat  100% Whole Wheat
1977 still in shrink !... 
 Same   Avi   LP  M-/M-  €12,00
5th Dimension  5th Dimension
cont. the funk track "DON'T STOP FOR NOTHING" 1975 SEALED !!... 
 Earthbound (listen)   Abc   LP  S/S  €14,00
7th Wonder  7th Wonder
cont. the funky track "DAISY LADY" 1979 still in shrink!... 
 Climbing Higher   Parachute   LP  M-/M-  €20,00
8th Day  8th Day
nice boogie album from 1983... 
 Same   A & M   LP  M-/E  €14,00
8th Day  8th Day
nice boogie album from 1983... 
 Same   A & M   LP  E/E  €13,00
Act 1  Act 1
cont."TOM THE PEEPER" & "PARTY HARDY PEOPLE" good funk and s... 
 Same (listen)   Spring   LP  S/S  €20,00
Al Green  Al Green
 The Belle Album   Hi   LP  E/M-  €10,00
Al Green  Al Green
nice classic soul album from 1974 - write on label -... 
 Explores Your Mind   Hi   LP  E/E  €14,00
Al Hudson  Al Hudson
cont."YOU CAN DO IT" "ROCK" Classic Disco !!! 1979 SEALED!... 
 Happy Feet   Mca   LP  S/S  €14,00
Al Wilson  Al Wilson
cont. the slow funk vocal "HOW'S YOUR LIFE" 1976... 
 I've got a feeling   Soul City   LP  M-/E  €12,00
Alley And The Soul Sneekers  Alley And The Soul Sneekers
 Same   Capitol   LP  M-/E  €13,00
Alphonse Mouzon  Alphonse Mouzon
nice funk disco lp from 1982 cont."When We Were Young"... 
 Step Into The Funk   Metronome (germ)   LP  E/E  €13,00
Alphonse Mouzon  Alphonse Mouzon
nice funk disco lp from 1982 cont."When We Were Young" "Ever... 
 Distant Lover   Highrise   LP  E/E  €12,00
Amuzement Park  Amuzement Park
great boogie disco album produced by Dunn Perason Jr. from 1... 
 Same (listen)   Our Gang   LP  S/S  €18,00
Anacostia  Anacostia
nice soul album from 1977 - little stamp on cover and label... 
 Same   Mca   LP  E/E  €11,00
Angela Bofil  Angela Bofil
1983 prod. by Narada M. Walden... 
 Teaser   Arista   LP  M-/E  €9,00
Anne Le Sear  Anne Le Sear
nice boogie disco lp from 1984 SEALED !! cont. the great boo... 
 Tasty (listen)   Hcrc   LP  S/S  €14,00
Aretha Franklin  Aretha Franklin
nice soul album from 1974... 
 With Everything I Feel In In Me   Atlantic   LP  M-/E  €13,00
Arpeggio  Arpeggio
1980 still in shrink ! cut out... 
 Breakout   Polydor   LP  M-/M-  €10,00
Art Of Noise  Art Of Noise
cont."BEAT BOX" "MOMENTS IN LOVE" 1983... 
 Into Battle With The   Island   LP  M-/M-  €13,00
Artistics  Artistics
 Make My Life Over   Brunswick   LP  S/S  €25,00
Ashford & Simpson  Ashford & Simpson
cont."BOURGIE BOURGIE" instrumental "FOUND A CURE" "NOBODY K... 
 Performance (live)   W.bros (ita)   LP  E/E  €10,00
Ashford & Simpson  Ashford & Simpson
cont."LOVE DON"T MAKE IT RIGHT" Classic Disco !!!! 1980... 
 A Musical Affair   W. Bros   LP  M-/E  €12,00
Ashford & Simpson  Ashford & Simpson
cont."STREET CORNER" 1982 italian press... 
 Street Opera   Capitol (ita)   LP  M-/E  €8,00
Ashford & Simpson  Ashford & Simpson
cont."STREET CORNER" 1982... 
 Street Opera   Capitol   LP  E/E  €10,00
Average White Band  Average White Band
 Warner Communications   Atlantic (can)   LP  E/E  €9,00
Average White Band  Average White Band
this lp from 1975 were previously released as MCA-375 (excep... 
 Put It Where You Want It   Mca   LP  S/S  €13,00
Average White Band & Ben E. King  Average White Band & Ben E. King
 Benny And Us   Atlantic   LP  M-/E  €12,00
Barbara Mason  Barbara Mason
nice soul album from 1980 - italian press -... 
 A Piece Of My Life   Wmot (ita)   LP  M-/E  €10,00
Barrabas  Barrabas
cont. the groovy jazz rock "Time To Love" & "Casanova" 1973 ... 
 Power (listen)   Rca   LP  S/S  €18,00
Barry White  Barry White
Classic Soul Disco Album !!!! 1975... 
 Just Another Way To Say..   20th Century   LP  S/S  €15,00
Barry White  Barry White
Disco from 1981... 
 Beware   Unlimited Gold   LP  S/S  €14,00
Barry White  Barry White
 Stone gon'   20th Century   LP  E/E  €13,00
Barry White  Barry White
 Change   Unlimited Gold   LP  M-/E  €12,00
Barry White  Barry White
classic !!! 1976... 
 Let The Music Play   20th Century   LP  E/E  €13,00
Bell & James  Bell & James
cont."LIVIN' IT UP" disco soul from 1978... 
 Same   A & M   LP  M-/E  €12,00
Ben E. King  Ben E. King
nice Soul vocal Album produced by BOB CREW !! Promo copy !!... 
 Rough Edges   Maxwell   LP  M-/E  €15,00
Bennie Conn  Bennie Conn
soul album from 1980... 
 Soul Music   Groove Time   LP  M/M  €15,00
Betty Wright  Betty Wright
soul disco lp from 1979... 
 Travelin' in the circle   Alston   LP  M-/M  €13,00
Bili Thedford  Bili Thedford
nice soul funk gospel album from 1977 still in shrink !... 

  samples available
 Music Of My 2nd Birth   Good News   LP  M-/M  €18,00
cont. The superfunky track "COTTON CARNIVAL"... 
 Forever   Springboard   LP  E/E-  €15,00
Black Ivory  Black Ivory
rare soul album from 1972 produced by Patrick Adams... 
 Baby, won't you change you mind   Today   LP  M-/E  €30,00
Bloodstone  Bloodstone
cont. the funk track "Money" 1975... 
 Train Ride To Hollywood   London   LP  E/E  €13,00
Blowfly  Blowfly
great and killer dirty funky groove !!!! original from 1978 ... 
 Zodiac Party   Weird World   LP  E/M-  €25,00
x-rated funk lp from 1987 still in shrink !... 
 Freak Party   Oops   LP  M-/M-  €13,00
Blue Aquarius  Blue Aquarius
rock funk lp from 1973 cont."Foxfire"... 
 Same   Gospel Truth   LP  S/S  €15,00
Blue Aquarius  Blue Aquarius
rock funk lp from 1973 cont."Foxfire"... 
 Same   Gospel Truth   LP  M-/E  €13,00
Blue Mink  Blue Mink
rock funk album from 1973 - cont."Watch Out"... 
 Same   Mca   LP  E/E  €15,00
Bobby King  Bobby King
soul disco album from 1984 promo !... 
 Love In The Fire   Motown   LP  M-/E  €10,00
Bobby Womack  Bobby Womack
cont. the groovy funk vocal "EVERYTHING'S GONNA BE ALRIGHT" ... 
 Safety Zone   Ua   LP  M-/E  €18,00
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