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 Hot Groovy Highlights
Let's See What We Have Here
    Artist+   Title   Label   Format   REC/SLV   Price 
Blue Mink  Blue Mink
rock funk album from 1973 - cont."Watch Out"... 
 Same   Mca   LP  E/E  €15,00
Bobby King  Bobby King
soul disco album from 1984 promo !... 
 Love In The Fire   Motown   LP  M-/E  €10,00
Bobby Womack  Bobby Womack
cont."YOU"RE WELCOME, STOP ON BY" 1974... 
 Looking For A Love Again   Ua   LP  S/S  €18,00
Bobby Womack  Bobby Womack
cont. the groovy funk vocal "EVERYTHING'S GONNA BE ALRIGHT" ... 
 Safety Zone   Ua   LP  M-/E  €18,00
Bobby Womack  Bobby Womack
nice soul lp from 1985 still in shrink !... 
 Someday We'll All Be Free   Beverly Glen   LP  M-/M-  €13,00
Bohannon  Bohannon
cont."Let's Start II Dance Again" "Take The Country To New Y... 
 Alive   Atlas (ita)   LP  E/E  €13,00
Brass Construction  Brass Construction
nice boogie funk album from 1983 writes on cover... 
 Conversations   Liberty   LP  M-/E  €13,00
Brass Construction  Brass Construction
Classic Disco Funk album from 1976... 
 Ii   Ua   LP  M-/E  €13,00
Brass Construction  Brass Construction
good funk album from 1982... 
 Attitude   Liberty   LP  M-/E  €13,00
Brass Construction  Brass Construction
good funk album from 1982 still in shrink !... 
 Attitude   Liberty   LP  M-/M-  €14,00
Brenda & Herb  Brenda & Herb
cont. the beautiful rare groove soul track "WHAT GOES AROUND... 
 In Heat Again (listen)   Drive   LP  M-/M-  €23,00
Brenda And The Tabulations  Brenda And The Tabulations
cont. the super sampled track "LET'S GO ALL THE WAY DOWN" d... 

  samples available
 I Keep Coming Back For More   Chocolate City   LP  S/S  €18,00
Brenda Russell  Brenda Russell
soul album from 1988 still in shrink!... 
 Get Here   A & M   LP  M-/M-  €9,00
Brick  Brick
soul funk lp from 1982 - little stamp on label... 
 After 5   Bang   LP  M-/E  €13,00
Brother To Brother  Brother To Brother
cont. the great disco groove "WE LOVE TO PARTY" & other fun... 

  samples available
 Shades In Creation   Turbo   LP  M-/M-  €15,00
Brothers Johnson  Brothers Johnson
 Winners   A & M   LP  E/E  €10,00
Brothers Johnson  Brothers Johnson
cont."STAWBERRY LETTER 23" 1977 sealed !!!!... 
 Right On Time   Am   LP  S/S  €14,00
Brown Sugar  Brown Sugar
nice soul funk album from 1973 - cont. a nice funky version ... 
 Featuring Clydie King   Chelsea   LP  M-/M-  €15,00
Buddy Miles  Buddy Miles
nice funk lp from 1975... 
 More Miles Per Gallon   Casablanca   LP  S/S  €12,00
Buddy Miles  Buddy Miles
super funk album from 1971 gatefold cover... 
 A Message To The People   Casablanca   LP  E/E  €20,00
Buddy Miles Band  Buddy Miles Band
funk album from 1973 gatefold cover... 
 Chapter VII   Columbia   LP  E/E  €15,00
C.m. Lord  C.m. Lord
very nice soul disco lp from 1981 still in shrink !!... 
 Same   Montage   LP  M/M  €15,00
Cameo  Cameo
cont."I JUST WANT TO BE" "NEW YORK" 1979 - the vinyl is clos... 
 Secret Omen   Casablanca   LP  E-/E  €15,00
Cameo  Cameo
classic funk lp from 1980 - little write on label... 
 Cameosis   Chocolate City   LP  E-/E-  €10,00
Cameo  Cameo
classic funk lp from 1980 german press - the vinyl is close ... 
 Feel Me   Casablanca (ger)     E/E  €10,00
Cameo  Cameo
good funk album from 1978 still in shrink! little tiny pen w... 
 Ugly Ego   Chocolate City   LP  E/M-  €20,00
Captain Sky  Captain Sky
good funk album from 1980... 
 Concerned Party N. 1   Tec   LP  E/E  €10,00
Captain Sky  Captain Sky
good funk album from 1980 still in shrink !... 
 Concerned Party N. 1   Tec   LP  M-/M-  €12,00
Carl Carlton  Carl Carlton
nice soul boogie album from 1982 cont."BABY,I NEED YOUR LOVI... 
 The Bad C.c.   Rca   LP  E/E  €13,00
Carl Douglas  Carl Douglas
cont. the classic disco "KUNG FU FIGHTING" "WITCHFINDER GENE... 

  samples available
 Kung Fu Fighting   20th Century   LP  S/S  €19,00
Carolyn Franklin  Carolyn Franklin
Great Soul Funk Groovy Album !!! 1973 ORIGINAL SEALED !!!... 

  samples available
 I'd rather be lonely   Rca   LP  S/S  €20,00
Cate Bros.  Cate Bros.
cont."I JUST WANNA SING" 1975... 
 Same   Asylum   LP  M-/E  €11,00
Cecil Holmes  Cecil Holmes
cont. good versions "I'M GONNA LOVE YOU JUST A LITTLE MORE B... 
 A toast to the 70's   Accord   LP  S/S  €15,00
Cecil Parker  Cecil Parker
cont."I"VE BEEN MISSING YOUR LOVIN" Good Disco Funk album !!... 

  samples available
 Chirpin   Tec   LP  S/S  €18,00
Centerfold  Centerfold
boogie album from 1988 - still in shrink !... 
 Same   Columbia   LP  M-/M-  €9,00
Chambers Brothers  Chambers Brothers
double album live from 1969... 
 Love, Peace And Happiness / Live At Bill Graham's Fillmore East   Avco   LP  E/E  €10,00
Chambers Brothers  Chambers Brothers
live funk rock lp from 1976... 
 Live In Concert On Mars   Avco   LP  S/S  €13,00
Chanson  Chanson
cont."DON'T HOLD BACK" 1978 - little wrote on cover -... 
 Same   Ariola   LP  M-/E  €12,00
Chapter 8  Chapter 8
classic and rare soul disco funk lp by Anita Baker and his g... 
 Same   Ariola   LP  M-/E  €30,00
Chi-lites  Chi-lites
nice disco soul album from 1981... 
 Me And You   20th Century   LP  M-/E-  €13,00
Chi-lites  Chi-lites
cont. a nice soul version of "GAMES PEOPLE PLAY" 1976... 
 Happy Being Lonely   Mercury   LP  E/E  €13,00
Cissy Houston  Cissy Houston
nice disco soul funk lp from 1980 - cont."WHAT I MESS"... 
 Step Aside For A Lady   Columbia   LP  E/E  €12,00
Cissy Houston  Cissy Houston
classic disco lp from 1978 - stamp on label - stickers on co... 
 Think It Over   Private Stock   LP  M-/E  €9,00
Clarence Carter  Clarence Carter
nice groovy funk lp from 1980 - cont."LET'S BURN" SEALED !!!... 
 Let's burn   Venture   LP  S/S  €13,00
Clay Hunt  Clay Hunt
nice soul disco lp from 1981 cont."MIDNIGHT PALNE"... 
 Part One   Polydor   LP  M-/E  €18,00
Cliff Branch  Cliff Branch
soul boogie album from 1988 still in shrink!... 
 All About Love   Sutra   LP  M-/M-  €11,00
Collage  Collage
cont. the killer slo-mo track "WINNER AND LOSERS" 1985 SEALE... 
 Shine The Light   Solar   LP  S/S  €14,00
Commodores  Commodores
Very Funk Album !!! Cont. Tracks not available on others alb... 
 Uprising   Quicksilver   LP  M-/E  €18,00
Commodores  Commodores
1983 gatefold cover... 
 Commodores 13   Motown   LP  M-/E  €9,00
Commodores  Commodores
 Natural High   Motown   LP  E/E  €9,00
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